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Damage-free alternative to backcombing your hair.

Damage-free alternative to backcombing your hair.

What is backcombing?

As the name implies, backcombing means you literally comb your hair backwards. Instead of moving the comb from root to tip, you reverse the direction and comb your hair from tip to root. This kind of combing is also known as “teasing.” It’s an old stylist trick to give your hair more volume.


Does it really work?

When you back comb, you’re scraping the edge of the cuticle in the opposition direction. This action causes lifts the cuticle up and makes it stand away from the hair shaft. The more cuticles you lift up, the more volume your hair will have because each little piece of cuticle will push away the hair shaft laying next to it. You will be able to create volume by combing this way.


The bad news is, it’s damaging!!

The bad news is that back combing is very bad for your hair. When you lift up those little pieces of cuticle, they never return to their nice flat arrangement, no matter what you do to your hair. Instead, they become increasingly loose and eventually break off. Once you remove enough layers of cuticles, your hair shaft will be damaged and you’ll create a split end. If it helps you to visualise it, think of cuticles like the shingles on the roof of a house. When they lay nice and flat they form a protective barrier on the roof that keeps the rain out of your bedroom. But when the shingles become loose, they break off and the next thing you know, the roof leaks and you’ve got a water stained carpet. That’s how cuticles work on your hair. Except for the part about staining your carpet.


Is there a safer alternative?

Ofcourse, the Alan Truman Black Diamond Ceramic Crimper brings in enormous volume instantly. It’s an ideal tool for session stylists and consumers alike, the Alan Truman Black Diamond Crimper lets you finish a head of hair in no time. It can be used differently to create different styles and patterns along with Crimping, Voluminizing and Root Lifting. This crimper has Korean Black Diamond Ceramic Crimping Plates fitted on a super-floating technology to avoid hair crush, this ensure instant volume with minimal to no hair damage. Black Diamond infusion in the ceramic plates gives an amazing durability, longer life, and superior shine to the hair. The ceramic coating enables even and consistent spread of heat across the plates thus avoiding hotspots and cold spots.


The Alan Truman Crimper allows you to boost volume without requiring you to scrape off your cuticle layer by layer. Of course, this kind of volume disappears once you wash your hair. But it does last for the longest of time until it doesn’t come in contact with water.


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