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Review Stories: Does the Blow Brush work on curly hair?

Review Stories: Does the Blow Brush work on curly hair?


I was actually recommended by a friend to buy this brush as I have curly and unmanageable hair. All I can do is tie it into a bun or a ponytail when unstyled.


If you think my review is too long, you can also refer to the point reviews mentioned below:

· Works on stubborn & thick hair.

· Variety of colors to choose from.

· Doesn’t require a lot of sections, just parting your hair in 2-4 sections works.

· Doesn’t need a separate detangling brush.

· Effective on Curly hair too.

· Style stays on for a really long time.

· Saves a lot of time.

· Can be used very, as I didn’t notice any damage in spite of using it thrice a week.

· Doesn’t need a lot of effort and swipes

· Could have been more sober colors apart from all the bright neons.


And even on those rare days when I style my hair (I don't do it often as my hair is very curly and takes a lot of time and effort) the style hardly stays on my hair for 1-2 hours, yeah my hair is that STUBBORN!!


So after trying so many products in the market and on the verge of nearly giving up on hairstyling, I placed an order with the last little hope.

I was AMAZED!!! Seriously, the brush worked wonders on my hair. Not only did it dry my semi-wet hair, but it made my hair super smooth and manageable within 4 swipes. So all I had to do was section my hair (which I usually do every day to detangle as well, cause curly hair problem you know), plug in the blow brush, set it on high speed, and just glide it through. I gradually decrease its speed depending on how dry my hair is.


It just took 4 swipes per section and 13-15 mins to complete my entire hair. And soon after that, I had straight manageable hair with all the flyaway hair set in place. It does more than just drying, it straightens and smoothens the hair texture and keeps them in place until the next wash. I have literally styled my hair with this brush and gone through 2.5 days of not washing my hair. My stubborn hair did stay straight and smooth for that long! The straightening did wear off a little as I tied my hair while sleeping, but they sure didn't get back to its original state until I washed it.


Although I'm happy with this mint green brush, would really prefer it if they offered more sober color variants that match the taste of a modern Indian girl.


Gauri Salvi


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