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Review Stories: Is the Blow Brush actually better than a hairdryer?

Review Stories: Is the Blow Brush actually better than a hairdryer?

Firstly, I was lucky enough to receive the order just within 2 days from the day I placed the order in spite of the lockdown, and that's what actually impressed me at first.

Is it actually better than a hairdryer?


I being an avid blow-drying addict, wasn't expecting a lot from this product, but bought this one just to check how close or far is this one in justifying the traditional blowdrying method. But to my surprise, it just did what it claimed, hence I thought of writing a review on it.

1) Effortless: The burden of holding a hairdryer in one hand and the round brush in the other is just out of question! This one particular product does the job of both so well.

2) Heat: The heat from the blow brush was just so much like the regular hairdryer I use. Considering its shape, I wasn't really expecting that much heat from this product.

3) Power: Although this brush claims to be of lesser watts than a professional blowdryer, it did pretty well. It didn't take me any longer than 11 mins to blow dryer my whole hair, in spite of my hair being damp (as I just towel dried it)

4) Bristles: I usually use a round brush with natural hair bristles to keep up the shine in my hair. And I was damn sure that these Nylon bristles will not satisfy my expectations. But this Genius product proved me wrong! I would deliberately want to use the word Genius, cause I could literally sense that the product is understanding all that I expect from my Blow Dryer and the round brush. The bristles create just the right tension to smoothen my hair, and it stays put until the next wash.

5) Cord: The cord is all that you would ask for while styling your hair yourself. It's longer than any retail store dryer and also rotates 360 degrees. So I don't have to lock my arm at a particular angle just to complete a section of my hair.

6) Light Weight: No Jokes! This product is half, literally half the weight of both my products combined (dryer and brush). Looking at its bulky body, I was prepared that it's going to be heavy. But when the parcel itself arrived, I was amused by its weight. This lightweight blowdryer brush makes blow-drying super easy and quick.


This product has really stolen my heart, with the quality and performance it delivers and most importantly my styling time has reduced to less than half (it usually took me half an hour to style my towel-dried hair)


The only drawback I noticed was the packaging. Although it's not a very big deal as most dryers are packaged that way. However, if this brush came in a sturdy storage box, it would be even more convenient to travel with.


Hope this review helps.


Shahida Aslam


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