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What is Ceramic Plate in a straightener?

What is Ceramic Plate in a straightener?


All straightener plates are made of steel or aluminium depending on the price point. Some straightener plates are made out of 100% solid ceramic. We will see those later. Bringing hair in direct contact with such metal plates will expose hair to harsh, raw and uneven heat. Hence these metal plates need to be coated to avoid harsh heat from coming in direct contact with hair.

Ceramic plates are always preferred when it comes to flat iron. Ceramic glides through the hair without pulling and tugging at it, reducing breakage and damage to the hair. Ceramic also heats up quickly and evenly, requiring fewer passes of the iron through the hair. Look for irons that have ceramic plates and not just a ceramic coating.


Known for its great heat retention properties, ceramic is by far the cheapest and the most effective coating for efficient and effective heat distribution across the surface on which it is applied.


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