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What is the Blow Brush and what makes it a star product in the market?

What is the Blow Brush and what makes it a star product in the market?

Today we’ll be talking about this Blow Brush from Alan Truman, which has earned a lot of fame on social media already. For those of you who haven’t encountered this name yet, the Alan Truman Blow Brush is a revolutionary styling tool that detangles, blow-dries, straightens and styles your hair in one go.


Simply put, the Alan Truman Blow Brush is combination of a blow dryer and a blow-drying brush. That’s why it is called - The Blow Brush. You don't need to hassle your hands, wrists and elbows with undue pressure and stress of holding a dryer and a brush separately.


It has a blow dryer mechanism consisting of a motor, fan and a heating coil in the handle of the brush. It has a blow-drying brush structure in the front, which consists of two layers of bristles and a oval ceramic tourmaline coated brush barrel.


This brush can be used on wet hair after excess water has been soaked out with a towel or just when you want to smoothen those frizzy tresses.


So, all in all the blow brush is an excellent time and energy saver for anyone who needs to blow-dry hair every day or occasionally. I was amazed that I could finish a head of hair in record time almost less than 1/3rd the time you need for a blow-dryer and a thermal brush.


Technical Specs of the Blow Brush that make it such a blessing:

  1. Bristles- The base bristles give the grip you need for a tight blow-dry that result to smooth tresses. The ball-tip quills ensure distance of the hot barrel from the scalp as well as work as a detanglers.

  2. Lightweight and easy to use- Agreed, it is not the size of a blow drying brush. Simply because it is not a blow drying brush. It’s a blow-styling brush. Imagine shrinking a heavy, big dryer to the size of a brush. But, for its size, form and shape it is extremely lightweight and easy to control and manoeuvre.

  3. Motor- It has a 1100 Watts hair dryer motor of the DC type. What this means is that it is light weight (vs an AC motor) and the life is sufficiently longer as compared to any regular dryer available in the market.

  4. Oval Barrel- The oval barrel of the brush allows you to style, straighten, wave and blast dry you hair faster. This shape allows more contact with hair thus avoid unnecessary repetitions and heat related damage.


Hope this was helpful and has given a better understanding about the product. Stay tuned for more information coming your way.


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