Brush worth INR 599 ABSOLUTELY FREE on purchase of INR 2999!

Brush worth INR 599 ABSOLUTELY FREE on purchase of INR 2999!

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Our Story

Innovations rooted in strong fundamentals

Alan Truman is a premium brand of hair styling tools and accessories. The range of products consists of dryers, straighteners, curlers, Stylers, brushes. Functional design is at the core of all Alan Truman products. The brand uses strong principles of functional design to give women reasons and tools to style their hair different and beautiful.

While doing “Something Different” were the buzzwords everywhere, we decided to do “Something Very Basic”. We went back to the roots. The roots of high quality, high performance, reliability and value. 

We understand that when you buy a product, you have certain performance value expectations from it. We keep striving hard to bring in that value very strongly into every Alan Truman product you own. Each and every time! 

We do not add frills, trinkets, colour, bits and buttons to our products to make them look good and attractive. If the addition to the product and the product itself doesn’t give you a reason to make your hair look beautiful, it doesn’t exist in the Alan Truman world.

The cheapest is not always the very best. Neither for your hair, nor for your clients’. Hence when the world is flooded with cheap lookalikes, we strive to bring you something of value. Not expensive. Not cheap. Good things have always come at a price, and they always will.

When we created Alan Truman, we decided to stick to the basics. The basics of high quality & high performance. We do not get swayed by trends and fads. These basics hold our foundation strong. Very strong.

That’s Alan Truman

Our Values

When we envisioned Alan Truman as brand, we decided that we wouldn’t be swayed by the trends and fads of the time. We will stick to the basics. This is where the foundation of the value-pillars was laid. Anything that goes through this checklist is Alan Truman. Everything else is just not.

Honest No-Frill Products

We do not overstate or exaggerate the function of a product. We say what it can do and will do. If it doesn’t, it will not be a part on the Alan Truman portfolio. We will bring the best of the innovations to you through our products. But only innovations that enable you to do beautiful things with hair will find their way through. An innovation is only useful if you see a visible effect immediately or over a period of time. Innovating just for the sake of innovating is not what we believe in.

Core to the Root Sourcing

The buying and sourcing team at Alan Truman works overtime and across time zones to find the best manufacturing units and locations around the world. So we know the core competencies of our manufacturing partners & factory at the back of our palms. Scissors made from Japanese Steel are sourced from Japan & Taiwan not from China. Italian dryers are made 100% in the factory in Italy. Curlers & Straighteners come from the best and expert manufacturers in China.

Scientific & Simple Education

When we decided on the value-pillars of the brand, education came first. Uncompromising, strong, scientific yet simple and easy – That’s how we want our education to be. We will support every product of Alan Truman with good education during the launch and lifetime of the product. Any consumer, stylist, hair dresser wanting to educate himself/herself about our products is more than welcome to get in touch with us throughout the lifetime of the product and even after that.