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How to prolong the life of your hairdressing scissor?

Your hairdressing scissors are the tools of your trade – and couldn’t be more important. When you invest in a quality pair of scissors, you can prolong their life so that you’ll get the very best return from your investment. Cleaning: When the blades of scissors are covered with hair, product residue, moisture, and chemicals, corrosion can occur. The blades will be pushed away from each other so your scissor won’t work smoothly. This will make you push vertically with your th

How does Ultrasonic Therapy help in a hair tool?

A tool with Ultrasound technology may look like a straightener but it is a ‘good-for-your-hair’ tool that helps hydrate your locks by intensifying your treatments, leaving you with healthier, stronger hair. Benefits of Ultrasound Technology in a hair tool: 1. For those who aren’t tech-savvy, we’ll break the science down for you. Innovative infrared technology and magnetic pulsating ultrasound shrink the molecules of your products down to minuscule size so that they can penetr

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