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Who should consider buying the Alan Truman Hot Brush?

If you have a full head of curls and want to tame them into a smooth mane of sleek locks, the Alan Truman Hot Brush can do just that. After all, curly hair may not give you the variety of hairstyle options you want, and being able to straighten those curls is a luxury you’ll definitely appreciate. Not only is it an efficient and fast approach for straightening your hair, but it is also a more gentle way to do it and you will very likely find you no longer need your flat iron to tame your stubborn tresses.


Even if you have straight or just slightly wavy hair, there’s a good chance that you’ll still want a Hot Brush on hand. Not only does it straighten those slighter waves to create a more sleek appearance for your hair, but also the extra boost of heat in your daily brush will go a long way for minimizing the frizz and static of your hair. If you want to add flicks after you smooth your hair in order to add some drama, you can do so with full control. That means that you will have the ability to transform tight curls into big beach waves with a couple of swipes of the Hot Brush bunched, and also flick your straight hair.


And while straightening the hair on your head maybe your intended purpose, don’t discount other uses. Like the ultimate shine and healthy bounce this brush gives. Along with the liberty of flicking the hair just the way you like it!


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