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Super gentle nylon bristles of the Alan Truman blowdrying brushes that don't hurt the scalp!

Nylon bristles of the Alan Truman round brush don’t create static and they also help smoothen your hair gently without the flyaways. Nylon bristles are best known for quick-drying, easy detangling, and achieving a bouncier blowout.


Whether you have thick, coarse hair, or fine tresses, Alan Truman round brushes are the best pick for your blow styling needs. They can power through tangles without getting caught and can leave hair looking smooth and silky. Although nylon bristles are tougher than natural bristles however they do not damage the cuticles of thin hair.


The Alan Truman white ceramic brush is a great option for hair that tangles easily during a blowout at home. This brush doesn’t pull or damage the scalp or hair. Its nylon bristles work to gently smoothen the strands during a blowout.


Your basic weapon of choice, the Alan Truman white ceramic brush has a ceramic base and nylon bristles and comes in several sizes from small, medium, to large. The best thing about this brush is that it tackles the blow-drying and styling needs of every hair type. This is especially a good pick for styling curly hair with ease since hair can move pretty easily through the nylon bristles, and it can shape and smooth at the same time. If you’re after smooth styles, this is a good tool for blow-drying to get volume at your roots without hurting your scalp and have curled/waved ends.


The Alan Truman white ceramic brush is Super-Gentle! It glides through the hair easily and comfortably. Unlike jagged plastic bristles, the nylon is completely smooth and does not hurt the scalp and nor does it cause friction or breakage.


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