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Can the Alan Truman Hot Brush be used on wet hair?

You can use just about any kind of heating tool on your wet hair and it will dry it. But it isn’t that simple! Not only is it more likely to damage your hair, using the Hot Brush on wet hair is a lot like drying your hair with a curling iron. You can do it, but it’s going to take more time and the results will be less desirable. That being said, you will want to towel or air dry your hair until it is, at most, damp. Fully saturated hair can burn, melt, and even (and often) smoke while drying with this method. Remember that smoking hair is a surefire way to predict damaged hair. Wet hair can quickly heat to scorching temperatures, burning and even breaking your hair. This makes tresses harder to manage, producing more frizz and coarsening your hair's texture. Hence we strictly advise you to not use the Hot Brush on wet or damp hair, as this can cause serious and permanent damage to your hair


This can nurture a vicious cycle, encouraging you to more frequently and aggressively straighten your hair wet hair with the Hot Brush, producing more and more damage over time.


In such a case you can for sure use the Alan Truman Blow Brush that acts as a blow dryer and a brush combined, which not only dries but also smoothens the hair, this is the advisable method. There are colors to choose from, especially if you want salon-like voluminous blowdry, and you’ll be satisfied with the result. It will give you the desired result and prevent heat damage, as well.


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