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What is Negative Ion Technology and how does it help?

Back in the early days of flat irons, cheap plastic parts and metal plates meant irreversible hair damage. After all, as any hairstylist will tell you, excessive heat is particularly damaging to hair. That said, certain types of straighteners (and certain types of heat!) can limit the amount of harm done to your hair when you straighten it. So, what is the best technology that won’t damage your hair?


One of it is the Negative Ion Technology and also this is super useful for dealing with frizz

Is your hair quite frizzy?

If so, this is probably something that you spend quite a bit of time trying to deal with.

Well, this is where negative ion technology comes in.


Wondering what negative ion technology actually is?

Hair straighteners with ionic technology action to throw negative ions which in turn neutralize the hairs atoms and remove the static and frizz making the hair smoother and shinier.


Think about when you dry your hair with a towel and it turns frizzy, or when you brush it and it goes a little static. This is because the friction from the towel and brush are pulling the negative ions from your hair, leaving your hair positively charged instead. This is what causes frizz and static. Negative ion technology in a hair straightener means that the plates emit negative ions into your hair. This then neutralizes the atoms in your hair, meaning that you experience the bare minimum when it comes to frizz and static. They seal the hair cuticle, trapping moisture and making the hair more hydrated and smoother. That they neutralize static, so reduce or eliminate frizz


Negative ion technology is fantastic for those who have naturally frizzy hair, wavy hair, coarse hair, kinky hair, frizzy hair, or flyways and can make that hair look longer, shinier, smoother, and sleeker.


Happy Styling!


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