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The easiest technique to have a salon-like blowout at home!

The easiest technique to have a salon-like blowout at home!


What is the Correct Blow-Drying Technique?

The correct blow-drying technique not only makes you look more gorgeous but also minimizes hair damage and leaves your style looking fresher for longer. It’s every girl’s dream to be able to recreate that perfect salon blow-dry from the comfort of their own home.

Sometimes, this dream can seem impossible even with the best hairdryer.


Use our tips to get terrific tresses.


Prep your hair:

Firstly, you should only turn to your hairdryer once your hair is about 50-60% dry. Blow-drying dripping-wet hair makes it prone to frizz and will give you a serious arm ache in the process. Try to wait at least 10-15 minutes after washing. If you're in a rush, lightly towel-dry your hair first to speed up the process. One of the biggest blow-drying mistakes one can make is not protecting their hair against heat exposure.


The best blow-drying technique:

Once your hair is prepped, it’s time to dry. Avoid using the highest heat setting of your hairdryer, as you may 'over-dry' your hair, causing dryness and damage. If you're in a rush, increase the fan/air speed instead of the heat.


Hold the brush in your dominant hand and your hairdryer in the other. This may feel unnatural at first, but it gives you more control and flexibility with the brush. Don’t forget to attach the concentrator nozzle to your hairdryer for the smoothest finish.


Work in sections. Clip all your hair up, and work on one section at a time. Start drying at the neckline and continue up to the crown. Make sure the hairdryer is constantly moving. This helps dry every single strand without making a particular section too hot and heavy.


Your hair might feel dry before it actually is. If sections of your hair are still cold to touch, then they're still damp. Leaving your hair damp will lead to frizz, it’s important to dry every strand totally.


Before you switch off the hairdryer, go over your hair using the cool shot button to set everything in place, and seal the cuticles. This not only makes your hairstyle last longer, but it also adds shine for a silky finish.


A bad blowout can stress you for days, so it's worth spending some extra time nailing down your technique for a salon-finished look.


Happy Styling!



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