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How does the Tourmaline Ceramic Grill in a hairdryer help?

How does the Tourmaline Ceramic Grill in a hairdryer help?

If you own a hairdryer, you probably use it every day to take your locks from soaking wet to dry enough to head out the door. And that's probably because you have no clue about the latest technology available and how to get the most out of this heat styling tool.


Hairdryer technology has made many advancements in the last few years, one of which is the use of tourmaline coating on the ceramic grill for quicker drying along with healthier and shinier hair.


Tourmaline is known for its quick-drying and healthier hair properties. But how does tourmaline work, and why is it beneficial?

Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral that generates only negative ions when heated. Tourmaline crystals have been crushed into a fine powder and transferred onto the grill of the appliance. The tourmaline ceramic technology maximizes the negative ion output and closes the cuticle layer, creating smooth hair.


Hair Dryers by Alan Truman have a Tourmaline Ceramic Grill and have been found to reduce drying time by up to 40 times than its non-tourmaline cousin. The speedy and productive results are good for the client and the stylist.


Advantages of Tourmaline Ceramic hair dryers:

  • Ceramic material in tourmaline the ceramic dryer provides even heat over the surface

  • Tourmaline Ceramic hair dryers provide infrared rays

  • Does not burn your hair

  • Good for both styling and hair drying

  • Makes your hair smoother, shinier and bouncy

  • Best suitable for regular users as well as professionals

  • Locks the hair cuticle and retains the moisture within the hair

  • Produces more negative ions which help in removing frizz from the hair


Tourmaline Ceramic dryers are known for leaving hair looking glossy and frizz-free. Whilst the heat from traditional hairdryers dulls the hair shafts, the negative ions produced from a tourmaline hairdryer will smooth the shafts for a sleek finish.


Happy Styling!


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