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The secret to natural-looking curly hair!

The secret to natural-looking curly hair!

For women with naturally curly hair, curls come in waves, coils, and every possible hair type in between. On top, hair might be looser and thinner, but at the bottom, there might be a thick patch of corkscrew curls that show through only when your hair is up in a bun or puff.

Naturally curled hair rarely contains two identical curls, and that small detail makes all the difference between a natural head of ringlets and one that was made for a commercial.


The curling wand, a hair tool that looks so similar to a curling iron, it's possible you've brushed it off like a more modern version of the old-school tool. It's not just a modern upgrade, though. A curling wand does one thing that a curling iron has rarely before been able to achieve, ‘purposeful imperfection’.


Whereas curling irons are used to create all over, cohesive curls, a curling wand is used to create a more natural look, one with curls of different sizes and shapes. And, a curling wand does so without much work on your part.

Due to the curling wand's shape (the barrel is bigger on one end and decreases in size to a point at the other end) and the fact that you have to hold the hair on the wand yourself, the curl result is different for every strand of hair depending on how tightly you hold the hair to the wand and which part of the wand the hair curls.


For women with both curly and straight hair, this tool gets you the naturally curly look you want (or just helps to redefine your natural curls), without much damage to the hair itself.


Here's how to use the curling wand to get those imperfectly perfect natural curls!


1. Turn the curling wand on to its lowest heat setting. 2. Grab small sections of your hair as they naturally part and loosely wrap the strand around the wand, from top to bottom (this is hard to mess up), and hold for five to 10 seconds. 3. Continue around your head until you obtain the look you want. Again, each piece will curl differently depending on how long you hold the strand to the wand, how tightly, and where your hair falls on it.

4. Once you’re done, flip your head over and loosely shake out the curls with your hands, to release them. 5. Add a dime-sized amount of argan oil or jojoba oil if you have thicker hair to hydrate the hair. Spritz some hairspray if required.


Remember to work with small sections and just like anything you want to be great at- practice is necessary! Don’t rush these curling techniques, take your time learning them before attempting on yourself.


Happy Styling!


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