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Review Stories: The Alan Truman Blow Brush- a boon or a bane? A BOON, OBVIOUSLY!!!

Review Stories: The Alan Truman Blow Brush- a boon or a bane? A BOON, OBVIOUSLY!!!

So, I happened to come across this brush, while I was on a hunt for a hairdryer when my dryer broke down the last minute. I can’t do without drying my hair, since nor do I have the time to wait until it dries for me to step out and nor does my health permit me to do so. (Have severe Sinus!)


I was disappointed with the delivery time this took. After this package arrived I was shocked to see how light the box weighed in comparison to the size of the product that I saw online.

I have the habit of writing a review for all the styling tools that I buy, as I believe this helps others in buying that product.


How I use it?

· I use this right after the shower after towel drying my hair. Since drying your hair when it's soaking wet isn’t a safe idea.

· Apply my hair serum, I don’t use any heat protectant (as I find them heavy for my hair).

· Then I part my hair into two halves and start brushing through with this dryer brush.

· I don’t literally section my hair with clips and all that, but I make sure I’m working on one particular patch at a time until it’s completely dry. One section doesn’t take more than 4 swipes for me.

· Once I’m done with brushing through the whole of my hair (which takes about 10-12 mins), I side part my hair, run the brush across my fringes to set them in place. And I’m good to go!


My experience:

· This is way better than using a hairdryer, I promise! I’m never going to be able to go back to my regular hairdryer and brush routine, this is not just for review's sake. I swear!

· It isn’t tacky and glides smoothly.

· This keeps my hair smooth until the next wash in spite of me always being on the run (since I’m a sales professional and have to keep traveling throughout the day).

· Doesn’t take a lot of time and effort. It’s as simple as brushing your hair.



· I’m not sure if I’d call it a drawback or confusion. This brush has 3-speed settings (High, medium, and low). When I use it on high the sound is loud and so is the power. But when I use the brush on medium it makes a softer sound as compared to the sound that it makes in a low-speed setting.

· The packaging could have been better or could have at least come in a pouch to save the bristles from damage, as cardboard boxes don’t stay forever.


Hope this review is helpful to whoever is looking forward to buying the Blow Brush.


Clara Mendes


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