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How to put the Blow Brush to optimum use?

How to put the Blow Brush to optimum use?

We’re sure all of us are always looking for ways to cut down on our morning routine, and is there's nothing more stressful and tiring than blow-drying and styling our hair. Here, the Alan Truman Blow Brush comes as a blessing! The Alan Truman Blow Brush is a three in one brush that detangles, blow-dries, and straightens your hair in one go!


Here are some techniques that will help you style your hair with the Blow Brush and give you wonderful results all day long:


1. Do not use on the Blow Brush on dripping wet hair, always towel dry your hair and then start using the Blow brush to dry and style the hair

2. Roughly section your hair to make it easier to control and stye and for better, sleeker results.

3. Do not use the blow brush over you hair. Always keep the blow brush underneath you hair and glide. This ensure volume and bounce all day long. Gliding the brush from above your hair will make take away the bounce and make it look flat.

4. Glide the blow brush slowly and do not be in a hurry. Don’t pass it too quickly through your hair. Gliding the brush steadily ensures enough air and heat is passed to the entire section of the hair, avoiding unnecessary repetition and heat exposure.

5. Always use the blow brush from the roots of your hair. This will give wonderful volume and also tame all the flyaway hair.

6. For extra volume, pull the brush up vertically at the roots, but hold the brush here for a few seconds before pulling through the rest of your hair.


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