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How to get your hair to hold a curl?

We all love those beautiful, flawless, bouncy curls. But do you know what's even better? Beautiful, flawless, curly hair that lasts all day.


Today we're sharing our favorite tips and tricks way to avoid your curls from falling flat the minute you walk out the door and make it last all day!


Avoid the conditioner: Skip conditioning your hair the day you plan to use a curling iron or at least go very, very, very light on it. Most women over condition their hair, in the hope to make their curls look glossier but the fact is that the hair is too slippery to hold a curl when over-conditioned.


Use a mousse: Take a preferable size mound, depending on your hair length and volume and then saturate damp or dry hair from roots to ends. Mousse has alcohol in it, just as hair spray does. The alcohol helps remove as much moisture as possible, which enhances the hair's grit and hold.


Prep it with some hair spray: Once your hair is absolutely dry, take random sections and spritz some hair spray, working from the bottom layers to the top, before wrapping them around the curling iron. This ensures the curls stay in place for the longest time.


Curl smart: Those with thin hair should set the iron to 160°C. Those with thicker, coarse hair can dial up to 210°C. Regardless of the size of the iron, apply tension when wrapping the hair, pulling the iron away from your face so it feels tight, to evenly distribute the heat.


Clip those curls: This is the most important part- After holding the hair on your curler for five to seven seconds, release the clamp, slide the iron out, and clip the coil with a metal duckbill/ alligator clip. Wait at for least five minutes before opening the curl. Make sure you do not touch the curl or shake it out while it's hot or you'll lose it.


Run your fingers through the curls: Once your hair has cooled, remove the clip, let your head hang back, and tousle the curls with your fingers. Leave the hair a little more curled than you'd prefer it to be. As, no matter how you prep, any curl will fall slightly, so it's better to have slightly tighter curls than you normally would and let them loosen with gravity on your way to the event.


Finish with a texturizing spray: The polymers of hair spray tend to be too heavy for a finished curl and actually create weight, hence weighing them down. Therefore it's advisable to use a texturing spray instead of a hair spray that allows the curls to stay bouncy for longer.


Happy Styling!


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