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Looking into 'Floating Plates' of a straightener

Looking into 'Floating Plates' of a straightener


One of the things a lot of people don’t realize about hair straighteners is the more effective ones have plates that are not totally affixed to the housing. When you don’t know how it works, it sounds like a bad idea to have really hot things that aren’t secured, but we can assure you they are. Floating doesn’t mean the plates come off. It means they move just enough to be able to flex. The freedom allows the two sides to adjust based on the angle to get as close to each other as possible. The closer the plates get, the more you will be able to clamp the hair correctly.


What exactly are floating plates?


They are plates that are not 100% attached to the flat iron, and also feature springs. This may sound a little dangerous, but they are still completely secure. Don’t worry, floating plates won’t end up falling off!


The springs in floating plates give the plates more flexibility. The plates are able to tilt into different angles, meaning that as you are straightening your hair, the tension and friction from the plates can be constantly adjusted to suit the style you are creating. The springs in floating plates also mean that the plates cushion your hair more, preventing snags and tangles.


With plates that don’t float, you will find it much harder to achieve sleek and straight locks. This is because the plates are not able to adjust themselves to move closer to each other, reducing the amount of heat that is applied to your hair.


Floating plates can really cut down on the amount of time it takes you to straighten your hair, making this something well worth looking into. So next time while you're on a hunt for a straightener, don't forget to pick one with floating plates for easy usage and to avoid snagging and tugging.


Happy Styling!


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