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How can you prolong the life of your hair straightener?

How can you prolong the life of your hair straightener?

Good hair straighteners don’t come cheap and that’s the reason you should be handling and storing it without being careless. Cause buying a new one every year or so is just not feasible. It’s important that you treat the one you’ve got carefully so that it doesn’t decide to break down. Also, you’ll know that a little straightener TLC will improve the performance of your tool, and will play a role in protecting your hair from inevitable heat damage.

To help you keep your flat irons in good shape, we’ve put down a list of tips to care for your straighteners.


Turn it off after using it: This will prevent the excess heat and electricity from slowly deteriorating your flat iron.


Store it properly: Make sure that you give your flat iron enough time to cool down after turning it off before you store it away. You should also avoid wrapping the cord around the iron, as the heat from the iron can damage the cord. Never hang your product up by its cable, this will eventually loosen the wire connection so that the straightener won’t turn on.


Watch the surface: Always make sure to use a heatproof mat to keep your straightener while it’s hot. Because you don’t want it to come in contact with the surface on which it is lying, especially plastic! This will not only damage the surface on which it is kept but also damage the plate of the straightener.


Consider your hair care products: If you are using products that tend to leave a lot of build-up on your hair, then you may have to consider changing that product(s). Build-up does not only rip the shine and volume off your hair but it’s also quite bad for your straightener. As for ironing the hair with residue on it will cause tugging, pulling and burning of hair.


Avoid using it in place with damp surroundings: Often the countertop and mirror set up in your bathroom make it your favorite spot to get ready. However, bathrooms are invariably damp places. The chance of your straightener coming into contact with water here is high. So you might as well choose a safer spot to avoid the loss.


Keep it clean: It doesn’t take long for a flat iron to end up with quite a bit of product build-up from your heat protectant or styling balms, along with dust, dirt, and more. These not only transfer onto your hair each time you use your straightener but also creates a sense of drag that snaps strands and encourages split ends. Keep your straightener clean by rubbing away the traces of products with a damp cloth after it completely cools.


As straighteners don’t come cheap and also that you don’t want to take a chance with your hair. It’s not a bad idea to keep your straightener in good condition by simply adhering to these tips.


Happy Styling!


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