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Types of plates used in a Hair Straightener.

Hair straighteners are one of those products that do not come as a ‘one size fits all’ type. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of this detail and tend to shop for a hair straightener without putting their hair type into consideration.


So today we’re going to run you through different types of plates commonly used in a straightener, to help you decide which is one is more like to suit your hair type.


Ceramic: Ceramic plates are great for holding onto high temperatures and keeping them consistent, ensuring that the heat is distributed evenly down the plates. Ceramic plates are smooth, minimizing tangles as you run them through your hair, and also enabling them to reduce frizz while adding shine.


Titanium: Titanium plates heat up very quickly, and are then able to retain that temperature for quite a while. They are lightweight and are gentler on the delicate ends of your hair. These plates are best for people who have damaged ends, as well as for those who have quite thick or coarse hair.


Ceramic Coated: They are usually made from metal but have a ceramic coating, meaning that the heat isn’t distributed evenly. While they do get quite hot, they aren’t good at retaining that heat, especially when compared to pure ceramic plates.


Tourmaline: This is one of the newer plate materials, and does tend to be more expensive than the rest. While tourmaline is a gemstone, it is ground up and then used on flat iron plates, usually over the top of ceramic. This makes the ceramic even smoother than it was, resulting in less hair damage. Tourmaline is also highly durable and maintains high temperatures well.


With different plates out there, choosing which one to purchase can be quite tough. However, by deciding which of the above options would work best for your hair, you will be able to narrow down your options quite significantly, making it easy to find the perfect hair straightener for you.


Happy Styling!

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