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Styling Sesh: Creating crimped waves with a straightener.

A straightener is the most efficient tool one can have in their vanity. Due to its versatile nature, it’s that one product that every stylist swears by. Not just professionals but girls who style their at home too consider a straightener as their go-to tool. That’s cause this one tool is capable of not just straightening your tresses but also can be used to create different curls depending on the way you use it.


In this article today, we are going to help you achieve those perfectly crimped waves without the use of a waver or a crimper.


Apply a heat protectant: Remember to apply heat protectant all over your hair, from root to tip, this will help prevent heat-related hair damage and will also give it some more shine. You don’t necessarily need to use a volumizing spray for there, as this technique is going to give you enough volume already.


Section Your Hair:

Take some extra time to do this, and you’ll see that perfectly crimped waves are absolutely easy to make at home. Brush out any knots or tangles, and use an inch section of your hair at a time, or take sections of hair that are not wider than your straightener plates.


Plait your hair:

Plait small sections of hair from top to tip, leaving a root drag of 1-2 inches. Spritz a hairspray and allow it to dry. Clamp the plait tightly to flatten it, going up and done a couple of times then leave to cool. Unravel each plait once the hair is absolutely cool and run your fingers through to avoid the hair from looking flat.


The size of these waves depends on how small and tight the plaits are. Smaller and tighter plaits will result in smaller crimps just like you’d get using a crimper. Whereas wider plates will give you broad crimped waves, just like you’d get using a waver.


Set your curls with a setting spray. Spritz some setting spray on the hair to be double assured for your crimped waves to stay longer.


A straightener is proven to be a versatile tool, that helps create a number of styles by using different techniques. Hope this article helps you create a style that you've been longing for.


Happy Styling!


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