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Blow Brush: an absolute healthy hair styling solution!

Blow Brush: an absolute healthy hair styling solution!

In the process of straightening the hair with regular hair straighteners, your hair is exposed to the direct heat of the plates. Your hair is clamped between the two hot plates of a straightener; the heat from these plates thus straightens your strands.


While the Alan Truman Blow Brush is an absolute healthy hair styling solution, wherein air emerges from holes in the brush, and the rounded shape guides hair so that it smoothens. The Blow Brush uses a combination of high heat and tufted bristles which means totally smooth result that doesn't require touch-ups with a flat iron. The Blow Brush dries the hair and styles it at the same time. Your hair is bound to look amazing in truly one step.


The Alan Truman Blow Brush is super easy and safe to use. Your hair never really comes in contact with direct heat in this Blow Brush as it does in the case of regular straighteners, thus eliminating any worries about burning your scalp or damaging your hair. The Blow Brush glides smoothly doing both: untangling your hair as well as drying it in one go, thus giving you frizz-free, smooth locks.


The Blow Brush is a convenient, hassle-free, and worry-less solution to all your styling needs. Be it just drying your hair and controlling frizz after a shower or a full-fledged salon-like blowout, it does both in just minutes depending on the efforts and the concentration you put in.


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