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How is the Alan Truman Blow Brush different from the Hot Brush?

How is the Alan Truman Blow Brush different from the Hot Brush?

Most of you’ll seem to be confused as to how is the blow brush different from the hot brush and how does their performance differs. We sure to clear all your doubts and set you worry-free by the end of this article.

The Alan Truman Blow Brush is a styling tool that dries, styles, adds volume, and shine in just minutes. The product combines both a brush and a dryer, which has a mixed bristle brush and is designed to distribute air quickly and evenly to style quickly with less heat damage. Whereas Alan Truman Hot Brush helps detangle the hair but also allows you to have super relaxed yet frizz-free straight hair effortlessly. The Hot Brush is a combination of a hairbrush and a straightener.


Here are various factors that will help you decide what suits you the best:


Temperature: The Blow brush has three fan settings- high, medium, and low. The blow brush doesn’t have temperature control, it throws hot air depending on the selected fan setting. While the Hot Brush has temperature control this varies between 120-230 °C/ 250-450 °F.


Bristles: The Blow Brush has mixed bristle that smooth swaths of hair with minimal tugging, it is a combination of nylon pin bristles that detangle and tufted bristles which smoothen the hair. Whereas, the Hot Brush has 76 tourmaline ceramic-coated bristles that pass on the heat from the heated plate.


Usage: The Blow Brush is a combination of a hairdryer and a hairbrush and it can be used on wet hair after excess water has been soaked with a towel. The Hot Brush is a straightener brush that is designed to straighten the hair and can only be used on absolutely towel-dried damp hair.


Shape: The Blow Brush has an oval-shaped barrel with bristles on the entire barrel. The motor inside the brush produces hot air which realizes from the barrel that dries and smoothens the hair. The Hot Brush has a shape similar to a paddle brush with 76 tourmaline bristles on the paddle structure, that straighten the hair.


Efficiency of straightening: The Blow Brush dries and smoothens the hair. It also straightens the hair to some extent due to the positive tension that the bristles create. The Hot Brush is purely designed to straighten the hair and take away the frizz. Hair is straightened due to the heat passing through the tourmaline ceramic bristles in the Hot Brush. While in both the products there is minimal heat-related damage and no contact with direct heat, but the Hot Brush significantly straightens then hair more efficiently as compared to the Blow Brush.


Curls: The Blow Brush has an oval barrel with bristles over it, this shape helps achieve lustrously inward or outward curls and loose waves as it becomes easy to wrap the hair around its oval barrel. While the Hot Brush looks similar to the shape of a paddle brush, one can easily flick hair inwards or outwards but curling doesn’t really come easy with the Hot Brush.


Hope this article has helped you clear all your doubts and we’re sure we got you thinking about what you need the most!


Happy Styling!


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