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Is a wide plate straightener effective on every hair type?

Many hair straighteners come with extra-wide plates and claim to be perfect for all types of hair, thick or sparse. However, only the right straightener plate can give you straight, sophisticated locks with a luxuriously glossy shine. Like all heat styling tools, though, flat irons pose an unfortunate dilemma if not used correctly: the incorrect choice of plates can dry your hair, producing breakage and damage that undoes the shine you hope to achieve. Choosing the right plat

Types of Alan Truman Carbon Combs.

Alan Truman Carbon Combs are made using high-quality material. These combs are made out of thermoplastic and carbon which are extremely durable and long-lasting. With 40% carbon property it is the best quality comb for professionals salon use and suitable for all hair types. With its excellent antistatic properties, it can be used to comb and maintain thick curly hair too. Alan Truman Combs are manufactured with the best raw material in the world and are antistatic, heat, wat

How hot should your Hot Brush be?

How hot you’ll want your Hot Brush will depend entirely on your hair type. If you have thin or fine hair that doesn’t need much effort to straighten, you’ll need it to be a lower temperature. If you use very high temperatures on that fine hair, you will undoubtedly damage it. For thin hair that doesn’t need a lot of straightening, but rather de-wave or smoothing, you’ll want to avoid temperatures above 160 degrees Celsius. You’ll probably still need at least 140 degrees to ac

Can the Alan Truman Hot Brush be used on wet hair?

You can use just about any kind of heating tool on your wet hair and it will dry it. But it isn’t that simple! Not only is it more likely to damage your hair, using the Hot Brush on wet hair is a lot like drying your hair with a curling iron. You can do it, but it’s going to take more time and the results will be less desirable. That being said, you will want to towel or air dry your hair until it is, at most, damp. Fully saturated hair can burn, melt, and even (and often) sm

Who should consider buying the Alan Truman Hot Brush?

If you have a full head of curls and want to tame them into a smooth mane of sleek locks, the Alan Truman Hot Brush can do just that. After all, curly hair may not give you the variety of hairstyle options you want, and being able to straighten those curls is a luxury you’ll definitely appreciate. Not only is it an efficient and fast approach for straightening your hair, but it is also a more gentle way to do it and you will very likely find you no longer need your flat iron

The art of picking the correct hair crimper

Do you want to get a different look, rather than regular straight or curly hairstyles? Then simply crimp your hair to get a crinkled or zig-zag look by using the best hair crimper. Crimping your hair will not only give a fancy look but also adds volume to your hair. The usage of crimping iron is very easy and straightforward but not like using flat irons or curling wands. Before purchasing a hair crimper, you should keep these things in mind for grabbing the best one. 1. Size

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