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Achieving 'Retro-Waves' with a straightener.

Ever wondered how is that you could achieve multiple styles without having to shell a lot of money over different styling tools?


Not only is it doable, but it’s also relatively simple to achieve beautiful beachy waves or tight spirals or retro curls with a straightener. In a few simple steps, we’re going to break down how you can achieve an absolute ‘Retro Waves’ with just your hair straightener.


Prep and Protect:

Make sure to apply it throughout your hair, from root to tip, this will help prevent heat-related hair damage and will also give it some more shine. A heat protectant acts as a shield between the heat from the styling tool and your hair.


Section Your Hair:

Give yourself some extra time to do this, only to see salon-like results at home. Working in sections helps you achieve the look you desire. Brush out any knots or tangles, and use an inch section of your hair at a time, never take sections of hair that are broad, as this may not give you an effective outcome.


Create the ‘S’:

Starting with straight hair, take fine horizontal sections. Starting near the roots, clamp the hair and start feeding the hair through the straightener in an 'S' shape with short clamps. Finish the ends with a twist to get the perfect retro waves. You can slightly back-brush the hair with a paddle brush for volume. Repeating this thrice on one section of hair will lead to a better result.



Once you are satisfied with the way the curls have turned out on a section, set them with a setting/ holding spray. Repeat this after every section to secure them nicely. Remember to spray it from a distance, so your hair doesn't look stiff and artificial. Once the entire hairdo is ready, you can spritz some from afar on the entire hair to make them last through the entire event.


You’ll need an hour or more to be able to create those flaunt worthy retro waves. We’re not really sure if you could carry this one for a casual day out, but this hairdo is sure to catch all the eyeballs as soon as you enter the party.


Happy Styling!


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