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Absolute results and pin-straight hair within minutes with the Mirror Titanium Straightener.

Do you know what really makes the Titanium Technology so special when it concerns to hair styling tools? If talking about flat irons, the usage of titanium plates helps in achieving professional and salon-like styling quality. The results are much quicker and you are left with a healthy and beautiful looking shine. Titanium basically is a type of metal that’s an excellent heat conductor. And, when it gets utilized in a hair straightener, the equipment delivers even better res

The Mirror Titanium Straightener locks in moisture & avoids post styling hair dryness.

Finally, a straightener that empowers you to achieve the show-stopping, long-lasting styles you’ve always wanted. The Alan Truman Mirror Titanium Straightener can be used on any hair type or texture, allowing anyone to create straight, wavy, or beachy curls. Using negative-ion technology, this lightweight hair straightener conditions your hair for an Instagram-worthy look in a single pass, all without causing damage. Titanium plates of this straightener have excellent heat co

6 seconds instant heat-up feature of the Alan Truman Mirror Titanium Straightener.

Titanium hair straightener delivers the fastest heat transfer for immediate and superior results. Generally, titanium flat irons heat up faster than any other plate. Titanium flat irons are recommended for girls with thick, coarse healthy hair due to the amount of heat it transfers. Still, if your locks are fine or normal, you can use a titanium hair straightener, too. Just start with lower heat level and be careful while ironing your tresses. Titanium Plates heat up evenly a

Troubleshooting common problems that you face while curling your hair with a straightener.

Using a flat iron to curl your hair is a lot like using any tool for the first time. So don't try this before a high-stakes event without practicing first, or you might be disappointed by the result. Here's how to prevent the most common problems. Bumpy hair: The hard edges of a straightener can produce bumpy hair if you're not careful. For a more even look, wrap your hair loosely around the plate, and don't use sections smaller than 1 inch wide. A straightener with wider pla

What is Steam Infusion technology in a straightener?

Steam infusion straighteners essentially a hair straightening tool but it’s the most advanced type available. It looks the same as traditional straighteners except it has vents inside it, attached to the top and bottom plates. As it sounds, it uses steam to heat it up and straighten hair and it is supposedly less damaging than traditional straighteners. While it straightens, it also delivers shine. The hair tool holds water which needs topping up every now and then, generally

Is it safe to straighten wet hair?

It’s morning and you’re in a rush–again. What’s the harm in jumping out of the shower and killing two birds with one stone by using your flat iron to both dry and straighten your hair? This is one area where multitasking won’t do you or your hair any favors. The truth is: flat ironing wet or even damp hair can fry your strands and cause irreversible damage. Straightening wet hair is a recipe for hair catastrophe. Here's why you shouldn't do it and what you should do instead.

How to keep your flat ironed tresses straight for longer?

If you've straightened your natural locks in the past, you know how much work that entails. You don't want all your time and efforts wasted with a straight look that doesn't last even through the noon! Once you straighten your hair, learn how to maintain your style until the next wash. These tips will help you get, and keep, your straight 'do. 1) Make Sure it’s an Ideal Weather: First, you'll get better, many longer-lasting results, if you flat iron in the right weather. Ther

Serum Infusion Straighteners- Nourishes while you style.

Just when you thought you couldn’t get more state of the art than the ceramic tourmaline zero-snags straightener on your dressing table, out came the next big thing: hot tools designed to treat the hair while you use them- ‘Serum Infusion Straighteners’ So how does this straightener work, exactly? They’re not as messy as they sound. Essentially, this tool looks like any other flat irons but is supposed to be much less damaging. They give hair an extra moisture boost, making i

Vibrating plates, is it really beneficial?

Vibrating straighteners use ceramic plates that vibrate to shuffle your hair back and forth, which minimizes pulling. This technology works well on different hair types, textures, and preferences. A straightener with vibrating technology is helpful for women with kinky and very frizzy locks. The main reason for frizzy hair is open hair cuticles that give hair unwanted volume. The straightener’s vibration helps to close hair cuticles and visibly reduce frizz. This technology m

What is the hype about Ceramic-Tourmaline technology?

The terms ceramic and tourmaline get thrown around often when speaking about the tools like dryers, straighteners, curlers, etc. But do you know what ceramic tourmaline technology really is? All of the options in the market can be confusing for sure. And when there comes a time to purchase professional tools, it's important to make the right investment. Below you'll find a simple explanation of what all the fuss is about in regards to this technology. Ceramic plates are alway

The gap between straightener plates? Is it a defect or a boon?

Did you ever give up on the thought of buying the straightener you were eyeing on for so long, just cause the plates of that straightener do not completely touch when you clamp it close? Most of us have a misconception and usually don’t prefer buying straighteners that have a slight gap between their plates, considering it’s a manufacturing defect. However, this is not a defect, this is part of the design, and here is why: They Don’t Need To Be Without a Gap Most flat irons y

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