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Different types of straighteners that are usually available in the market.

When you’re shopping for straighteners, you will probably realize there are a ton of different size options. The question is which one is best for you, and that can be tough to settle on when you’re new to this. Width isn’t the only thing that can vary in a flat iron, irons differ from one to another depending on various functions they are specially designed to perform.


Classic plates: Flat irons with a standard width of 1-inch are the most versatile. These irons are suitable for all hair types and hair lengths. They are usually in a rounded design, which is great to create waves. One-inch straightener plates are the most common and popular option because they work for most hair types. These straighteners balance effective straightening with minimal damage. If you're new to straighteners or not sure which size will work for you, you can never go wrong with a classic plate straightener.


Wide plates: It covers more surface and therefore is a lot more efficient when running it through locks of significant length. Due to this, they are also perfect for thick hair as they can grip onto this better and so will do a better job at straightening this type than if you were to use thinner irons. These straighteners can be found in a 1.25-inch, 1.5-inch variant, however, 1.75-inch, as well as 2-inches and even 2.5-inch models, are available across some brands.


Narrow plates: These are ideal for shorter hair and also easily create waves. They are also perfect for styling bangs and spikes, and they are great for traveling. If your hair isn't of any significant length, then wider irons can cause issues, mainly because they will be gripping onto more hair than necessary at one time. Instead of this, the narrow irons allow you to go more gently with the way you straighten and give you the opportunity to tackle smaller sections at a time. They work well for pixie haircuts and can even curl the really short hair. Short, fine hair requires you to be able to control the amount of heat you are putting on it, so smaller plates are better. Thick hair that’s short often requires slow movement and consistent heat which can be better controlled with small plates. Plates that range from 0.5-inches to 0.75-inches are considered small, and these are generally used for precision.


Steam Infusion Straighteners: Steam flat irons use Vapour Infusion Technology to straighten your strands more efficiently than regular straighteners while preventing heat-related damage. The released steam adds moisture to prevent over-drying, leaving your hair healthy and silky smooth. At times thick, coarse hair gets difficult to tame with a conventional flat iron. This type of hair requires more time and heat to create the style you want and frequent touch-ups to keep the hair straight. Steam-infused flat irons use bursts of steam to effectively straighten even highly problematic hair that resists heat straightening, giving you longer-lasting results than traditional hair straighteners.


Serum Infusion Straighteners: Such straighteners infuse a specially formulated serum into the hair when you style. Due to the serum infusion along with heat, you can tame the wildest & amp; weirdest curls, waves, and bangs into poker-straight hair in a stroke. It is bound to give really straight in a single stroke.


Vented plate straighteners: You can pick this straightener when you want to be able to straighten damp or towel-dried hair. A vented plate straightener has the ability to steam damp hair into absolutely straight hair in a fraction of minutes. With this straightener, you can straighten damp hair directly instead of blow-drying first.


In case you haven’t purchased a straightener yourself yet, this article will surely prove to be a helpful read and act as a guide to pick the most suited straightener for your hair.


Happy Styling!


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