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What is blow-drying tension?

Ever wondered what makes your hair super voluminous and shiny when you get a blow-dry at a salon?

The ultimate goal of your stylist is to get your hair 75 to 80 percent dry before going in with a blow drying brush to style it.

They use a dryer to remove excess moisture before they start the actual blowout. After which they section your hair and start blow styling your hair from the roots using a brush along with a dryer. The blow-drying brush has small bristles that create a slight tension, which removes frizz from your hair making it shiny and smooth.

It's crazy what a difference a good hair day can make. Still, not everyone has the time or money to live each day with salon-styled locks. Unless, of course, you do them yourself. Attempting professional-level hair styling at home is no easy process, but if you are taking your tresses into your own hands, you should be equipped with the correct tool for achieving that perfect at-home blowout.

One of the biggest things to make or break your undertaking is the use of the right product. To streamline your blow drying experience, we've rounded up all the qualities in one of the best blow-dry brush for shiny, voluminous hair. Use the Alan Truman Blow Brush next time you give yourself a blowout at home and you'll walk out into the world looking like you stepped right out of a salon.

The Alan Truman Blow Brush has a blow dryer mechanism consisting of a motor, fan and a heating coil in the handle of the brush. It has a blow drying brush structure in the front, which consists of two layers of bristles and an oval ceramic tourmaline coated brush barrel. This brush has a combination of dense nylon base bristles and long ball-tip quills. The base bristles give the grip you need for a tight blow-dry. The ball-tip quills ensure distance of the hot barrel from the scalp as well as work as a detanglers. When you dry you hair you need optimal tension to keep the hair engaged in the brush. This helps shape the cuticle of the hair and helps avoid repeated styling of the same section of hair. Hair stays styled for longer time duration. The ball-tip quills detangle and gain control on the section of the hair and the nylon bristles cause optimal tension for hair shaping and styling.

As you start your blowout, it's helpful to keep your hair as taut as possible as you work. When you hold your hair tight with the brush you’re a step closer to perfecting your blow styling game!

If you have wavy or curly hair and are going for a straight look, it's even more important to keep your hair taut. As you pull the brush through your hair and expose your hair to adequate heat, this seals the cuticle and helps prevent frizz.

Alan Truman Pro Tip: TENSION is the most important thing inorder to get a really smooth blow-dry. Starting with the roots, wrap your hair around the brush once entirely. The first time you wrap the hair around the brush, you don’t go all the way to the ends- you start with the roots, then mid shaft, and then the ends. So, say you have a piece of hair sectioned off and that’s what you’re working on, you make sure that the roots are dried first with the blow brush, and then you make sure that the mid shaft is dry, and then see to it that the ends are dry.) When pulling the brush through your hair, you’re always doing it in an upwards motion- that way, you get curl and volume. If you’re pulling it straight down, there's higher chance of you losing volume and curl.

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