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How is the Alan Truman Blow Brush different from other hair-dryer brushes available in the market?

Efficient hot air/ dryer brushes, for instance, can be hard to find, considering the number of brands and models being introduced in the market from time to time. When talking about efficiency, take into consideration The Alan Truman Blow Brush. Below are a couple of reasons how the The Alan Truman Blow Brush differs from regular brushes available in the market.

· It leaves the hair tangle-free while effectively drying it. Its bristles have just the right sizes which run through the hair smoothly. It leaves the hair smooth and shiny without causing split ends and hair breakage. It also makes drying and hair styling lot easier and faster. The combination bristles avoid tugging and pulling of hair.

· It adds volume to the hair. For more apparent hair volume, use this on layered hair. It can effectively twirl the hair in or out, thus creating the most wonderful natural curls. Since it gives exactly the right body to the hair, it then makes the hair bouncy and healthy-looking.

· It has a comfortable grip handle. It is designed to be used comfortably for any length of time. It’s a “thumbs up” to the perfect size and type of its grip handle. Its handle makes this product more manageable and easier to use.

· It doesn’t overheat. The Alan Truman Blow Brush is designed to supply adequate amount of heat to the hair without damaging it. It protects the hair from unnecessary heat exposure and damage. Unlike other hair-dryer brushes that seem to heat more as time passes. Regular brushes usually give the feeling of hair getting burned with too much heat emitted by it.

· Blow Brush’s bristles don’t flatten and melt. The bristles of a regular dryer brush available in the market suffer the most due to overheating. The bristles eventually flatten and melt, because apparently, they can no longer withstand the amount of heat being emitted by the said product. Whereas the Blow Brush has nylon base bristles and ball-tip quills that do not melt or bend due to its own heat.

· It’s perfect for any hair length. Unlike most dryer/ hot-air brushes, Alan Truman Blow Brush works perfectly on any hair length. As said, it doesn’t tangle the hair, so it doesn’t really matter whether you have long hair or short hair.



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