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The real goodness that reaches "WITHIN"

The real goodness that reaches "WITHIN"

Have you been wondering about all the money that you shell on expensive masks, spas, and treatments but get nothing in return except a hoax shine that wears off just after one wash? We’re sure this is an experience that most women have. And that’s because most of the products in the market claim to be fantastic and genuinely have beneficial ingredients. But the molecules of those products may not be small enough to penetrate into the hair shaft and provide the actual goodness. And that’s when the Alan Truman Ultrasonic Tool does its actions.


The infrared and ultrasonic technology in the tool changes the size of the molecules of a product for it to penetrate in the hair easily. At times the molecules of a serum, treatment, conditioner, water, color, or any other product are big enough to not penetrate into the hair shaft. The ultrasonic tool reduces the size of the molecules by 100 thus making penetration of the product easier, making the hair shinier, healthier, and reap more benefits.


The Alan Truman Ultrasonic Tool uses 36000 magnetic ultrasound pulsations which mico-miniaturize the molecule structure of the product thus making penetration easy and super-fast. It helps seal moisture and your favorite treatment formula deep into the hair. This reverses damaged, frayed, and dry hair.


So now you need not worry about all your money, time and efforts going in vain. Just sliding the Ultrasonic tool over your hair while you have the product on will do its job. You’re bound to get better results with the same treatment products that you used earlier just by adding an additional tool to your ‘Beauty Clan’!


The Ultrasonic Tool is absolutely easy to use and convenient for salon or home use. There is no professional assistance required to use this tool. It is super easy and super quick to use and can be totally managed by a single person without any discomfort. Go ahead and treat your hair the Alan Truman way!


Wish you a healthy hair treatment with the Alan Truman Ultrasonic Tool.


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