Key Features:

  • Cold plates. No heat required. No damage.
  • One plate is 100% infrared light
  • Another plate is titanium ultrasonic 
  • Absolutely versatile - Can be used with any kind of treatments, conditioners, products, serums, etc.
  • Electrical Supply - 110-240V/50Hz

  • Dual voltage compatibility

  • Far infrared technology

  • Ultrasonic technology

The Ultrasonic Treatment Styler

₹4,999.00 Regular Price
₹3,899.22Sale Price
  • The Ultrasonic Tool by Alan Truman is a treatment tool like never before. It not only soothes and cures frays and damages but also helps you get a bang for buck for all the investments you have made in those nice serums, conditioners, and masques.

    The tool consists of a pair of plates - The plates of the Alan Truman Ultrasonic tool don’t heat up. One plate is 100% infrared light and the other plate is titanium ultrasonic vibrator. No heat. No Damage.

    It changes the size of the molecules: Whether you have a treatment, serum, water, color or any other product. It reduces the size of the molecule to /100.

    The use of this tool during any treatment improves absorption & penetration by 10X: 36000 magnetic ultrasound pulsations micro-miniaturize the molecule structure thus making penetration easy & ultra-fast.

    Imparts health, boost, gloss & shine to hair: It promotes the production of essential amino acids and proteins which form the building blocks of healthy & damage-free hair.

    Alan Truman brings to you innovative, high-performance hair styling products and accessories. With an extensive product range, Alan Truman has been successfully catering to professional hairstylists all across the globe with its exceptional quality salon care products and hair styling tools. All the products are designed with cutting-edge technology to bring you complete style, control and flexibility.

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