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The ideal temperature to curl your hair with a curling iron/ tong.

The ideal temperature to curl your hair with a curling iron/ tong.

A Curling tong is not at all a one size fits all, as different hair demands different temperatures. The heat you apply to your hair should depend on how thick or thin your hair is and whether or not has it been chemically treated. When curling your hair, the temperature of your curler definitely matters. Your hair type should determine how to curl your hair, believe it or not, especially when determining your heat setting.


Here’s a quick and easy guide to ideal curling temperatures that leaves every hair type lustrous and bouncy.


Curling Fine and Chemically Treated Hair:

If your hair is naturally delicate and fine, you need to treat it like precious silk. This is insanely true if your hair has become ultra-fragile due to processing. Whether you’ve bleached, relaxed, or permed your mane, you need to treat it with extra care. When you're curling fine, processed hair with a curling iron, 180°C is a safe bet. Anything over 190°C is going to cause serious damage to your hair.


Curling Coloured Hair:

Make your hair color last longer by keeping your curler’s temperature under 200°C. Just turning down the heat a little bit can make a major difference in keeping your locks vibrant. This is doubly true for reds, blues, greens, pink, etc, that are notoriously prone to fading.


Curling Normal Locks:

Have fairly run-of-the-mill locks? They still need protection! Cheap quality curling irons are way too hard to control and hard on your hair. You don’t want to damage your healthy strands. Unless your hair is exceptionally thick and hard to style, always keep your curler at 200°C to maintain the health and bounce of your hair.


Curling Textured Hair:

If your hair is super dense or thick, you need a lot of heat to penetrate in it. Start out by styling at 230°C. Once you get your hair styled, reduce the heat to 190°C. This helps in curling those stubborn hard to style locks and also doesn’t deteriorate the health of your hair by exposing a lot of heat for too long.


Curling your hair at a correct temperature that adapts to your hair type is very important. As you curl your hair, notice how it responds to the heat and adjust the temperature accordingly. As not taking this into account can make this daily routine a direct and major cause of hair damage.


Happy Styling!


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