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Rubber fins handle for easy grip and absolute control of the Gold Ceramic Brush.

Rubber fins handle for easy grip and absolute control of the Gold Ceramic Brush.

Every day women try to style their hair, facing certain difficulties. The styling procedure takes a lot of time, and not everyone can afford to visit beauty salons when it is necessary to look gorgeous. The handle shape and size and really matter while blow styling your hair. And that’s when a helping hand like the Gold Ceramic Blow Drying Brush comes to the rescue!


The Alan Truman Gold Ceramic Blow Drying Brush has patented rubber fins handle. This rubber fins handle is not just a design. It is built such that you get the best grip of the brush without losing control during the most tiring and fastest blow styling sessions. This handle is comfortable to hold and doesn’t slip even when wet. The non-slip grippy handle feels padded and comfy, plus this brush is super lightweight. The rubber fins handle doesn’t snag the hair.


If you’re a professional stylist using a blow drying brush repeatedly, this is going to be your go-to for sure and your hands are going to thank you for this. It is super lightweight and so it’s easy on your hands and arms.


The rubber fins handle ensures that your fingers do not become sweaty and you do not lose control of the styling session. The loop at the end of the brush allows you to hang it up a hook or a loop when the brush is not in use.


The Gold Ceramic Blow Drying Brush is the perfect round brush for people who want versatility, affordability, and usability.


Happy Styling!


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