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Importance of a Detangling/ Wide Tooth Comb

Importance of a Detangling/ Wide Tooth Comb

Apart from oiling, shampooing, and conditioning, combing is a very important aspect of every girl’s hair care regime. Combing your hair correctly ensures hair hygiene and prevents it from breaking. Combing also prevents the formation of knots and helps in the detangling of the hair thereby giving them a good neat appearance. It is therefore very important to choose your comb wisely.


We advise you to use a wide-tooth comb, especially when you detangle your hair.

When it comes to combing, the choice of the comb is very essential. An incorrect comb can result in hair loss, knots, and hair breakage. Choosing an appropriate comb is essential to keep your hair healthy always. Read to know the benefits of a wide-tooth comb and reasons to start using one.


What is a Wide-Tooth Comb?

A wide-tooth comb is a type of comb that has large spacing between the teeth of the comb. Most people mistake a wide-tooth comb for the teeth itself being wide, however, that is not referred to as a wide-tooth comb, although some wide tooth combs have teeth that are bigger in size apart from a large spacing. This type of comb is suitable for any hair type and can be used on both wet and dry hair.


Benefits of Using a Wide Tooth/ Detangling Comb on Your Hair:

1. Easier to Detangle

For tangled hair, never use a normal comb as the spacing between the teeth is very small and you will end up leaving tears of frustration. A wide-tooth comb easily detangles knots in your hair. It is specifically recommended for those who have long and curly hair.


2. Reduces Hair Fall

While removing knots and detangling, one often loses a lot of hair while using a normal comb. However, a wide-tooth comb helps detangle your hair more effectively without losing a lot of hair. Another major hair rule to remember while detangling your hair is always using the comb on dry hair. Combing your hair when it is wet leads to hair damage, breakage, and hair fall. Also, you can use a hair serum or hair oil to make the process of detangling easier.


3. Prevents Hair Breakage

Due to wider spaces between the teeth and larger diameter, it is easier to detangle hair without hair breakage. A wide-tooth comb provides lesser friction while compared to a normal fine-tooth comb. This property makes the wide-tooth comb more gentle on the hair and prevents breakage.


4. Gentle on Scalp

A wide-tooth comb feels great on the scalp compared to a normal comb. A wide-tooth comb leaves your scalp feeling massaged and soothed rather than scratched. A wide-tooth comb is soothing on the scalp and improves blood circulation. Also for those who particularly suffer from a flaky scalp, a wide-tooth comb is the best choice.


5. Reduces Split Ends

Curly and wavy hair is prone to a lot of frayed ends and split ends. Using a regular comb causes hair damage and more split ends. However, using a wide-tooth comb reduced and prevents split ends.


Combing is an important hair care routine step and healthy hair is a sign of good combing and a proper choice of the comb. It is effectively used for hairstyling. Now that you know the benefits of using a wide-tooth comb, make sure to add this one to your collection of combs.


Happy Styling!


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