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Review: Alan Truman Carbon Combs and it's benefits.

There are a lot of problems with traditional plastic hair combs. One concern is that many of them are made of cheap plastic which uses sketchy chemicals such as formaldehyde as the main component. People often aren't even aware of this until they develop a skin allergy or other problem.


Carbon combs are meeting hair demands like never before. Not only are carbon combs super strong and lightweight, but they are also heat and chemical resistant. Alan Truman Carbon Combs are made of an ultra high-quality carbon fiber composite manufactured to the highest standards of quality and safety. An added benefit is that carbon fiber is also naturally anti-static, unlike traditional plastic combs which create unpleasant static. And are far more durable compared to regular combs.


The combination of carbon fiber and nylon results in combs that can withstand thermal styling, such as straightening, and chemical processes, such as smoothing treatments. As well as being extremely durable, the composition of the carbon material is such that carbon combs are static-free. Frizzies and fly-aways are eliminated when carbon combs are used.


Another problem with traditional plastic combs is poor design and manufacturing practices which results in a cheap product that can damage your hair. Alan Truman carbon combs are designed with more gently rounded tips and surfaces, so the comb won't scratch your head or pull on your hair as cheap combs do.


Alan Truman's carbon combs are also available in an array of styles, so they are perfect for use as styling combs, cutting combs, or general hairdressing combs. Carbon combs are firm and non-flexible, which makes it possible to obtain a clean, even hold on the hair, which is of particular importance when cutting.

These combs run the gamut of combing needs: from detangling wet hair to precision cutting to upstyling to combing during coloring.

For strength and chemical and heat resistance, carbon hairdressing combs can’t be beaten!


Happy Styling!


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