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How to keep your flat ironed tresses straight for longer?

If you've straightened your natural locks in the past, you know how much work that entails. You don't want all your time and efforts wasted with a straight look that doesn't last even through the noon! Once you straighten your hair, learn how to maintain your style until the next wash. These tips will help you get, and keep, your straight 'do.


1) Make Sure it’s an Ideal Weather:

First, you'll get better, many longer-lasting results, if you flat iron in the right weather. There's not much point in going through this process during heavy showers or when humidity is super-high. It's best to wait until less humid weather, otherwise, your sleek results can easily morph into a puffy, frizzy 'fro once you step outside.


2) Wrap Your Hair at the time of Bed:

Knowing how to wrap your hair helps you create an easy, heatless set that's simple to take down in the morning. It gives your hair volume and body, and requires no additional heat or "bumping" of ends.


3) Use Lightweight Oils or Serums:

When your hair is straightened, you want to keep your look as lightweight and bouncy as possible. The best way to achieve this is to avoid any heavy products that will weigh down your mane. Light oils and serums made especially for straight tresses are your best bets. If your hair is very fine and easily weighed down, only apply products to the ends of your style; avoid putting anything on your roots.


4) Do Not Reapply Heat:

Once your natural hair is straightened, do not reapply heat until your next straightening session. If you did a good job getting your tresses smooth, there's no need to flat iron it again. As long as you properly prep your hair before bed, you shouldn't have to do much in the morning besides shaking it loose, comb it, or simply run your fingers through it.


5) Protect Hair When You Work Out:

Whatever length your tresses are, you should wrap them or secure them in some way while you work out. You may have to braid, twist, or bun it; shorter hair can be wrapped and then tied down with a scarf. This is one of the few times a cotton scarf can work with natural hair as it will absorb some of the perspiration.


6) Don't Wear This Style Too Long:

It can be tempting to wear your flat-ironed 'do as long as possible. After all, you spent a big chunk of a day getting your natural texture to do something against its nature. Some women go for weeks before cleansing their hair again, and this just isn't healthy. Although you're trying to avoid as much moisture as possible while your mane is straightened, going too long without hydrating your hair is asking for trouble. Cleansing with water moisturizes your tresses, so it's important not to deprive your strands of regular doses of hydration.


7) Use Dry Shampoo As Needed:

Whether your sleek look only lasts a week or you can stretch it to two, you may find your hair and scalp need refreshing between cleansing. A good dry shampoo can soak up any excess oil while also freshening your scalp. To get the best results, apply a small amount to the roots of your hair; avoid getting dry shampoos down the length of your style, unless you want your hair to look dull.


8) Water-Based Products:

While your natural locks are straightened, you're trying to avoid contact with moisture as much as possible to prolong the style. The usual water-based products which are so hydrating for your curls aren't what your flat-ironed tresses are looking for. You'll probably have to set aside your favorite daily styler/moisturizer until you return to your natural mane. Otherwise, applying water-based products can cause your straight style to frizz and revert.


9) Protect Your Hair in the Shower/Bath:

Even if you don't work out regularly, you do shower or bathe, and you'll need to protect your straightened tresses during this time so that water and steam don't make a mess of your sleek look.


Once you've mastered the flat-ironing game, make sure your tresses are as smooth on your hair wash day as they are on day one by applying these tips. Your hair could look like you just stepped out of a salon when you know how to maintain a sleek style.


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