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How to prolong the life of your hairdressing scissor?

Your hairdressing scissors are the tools of your trade – and couldn’t be more important. When you invest in a quality pair of scissors, you can prolong their life so that you’ll get the very best return from your investment.



When the blades of scissors are covered with hair, product residue, moisture, and chemicals, corrosion can occur. The blades will be pushed away from each other so your scissor won’t work smoothly. This will make you push vertically with your thumb and the blades will get dull fast. Regular cleaning will help keep the blades stay sharp longer. Lubrication:

If you want to prolong the life of your scissors, you should lubricate your scissors every day. You’ll protect your scissors against chemical corrosion and moisture. Cleaning and oiling regularly keep hairs off the blade and more importantly, away from the screw.


Use the right kind of oil:

Always use the correct kind of oil designed especially for scissors. Ordinary oils are normally made from petroleum and this leaves a very sticky residue that will affect the performance of the scissors. Using scissor oil will keep the pivot area smooth and allow the blades to work smoothly together without damaging each other.



How often do you check the balance of your scissors? If the tension is too loose it will cause your scissors to fold and bend the hair and if it’s too tight it will cause premature wear of the blade edges and user fatigue. The blades of a correctly adjusted scissor will perform together without any side movement or strain on the thumb. This will reduce on-going maintenance and add longevity. Well maintained, good quality scissors cut better and are kinder on the hands.



When your scissors are not being used, keep the blades closed as this will reduce the chance of accidental damage to the blade edges. It is best to store your scissors in a protective case whenever they are not in your hands. The last thing you want is someone else using your scissors for other purposes.



Always choose an experienced provider when it’s time to have your scissors sharpened. Your scissors will have a very long-lasting sharp edge if they are serviced correctly. A sharpening service of good repute will have the facility and experience to sharpen and re-balance scissors.


Make sure you invest well:

It is the case that you get what you pay for in the world of hairdressing scissors. Generally, a high-quality scissor made from superior steel will cost more, but lasts longer and offer better performance.


If you choose your shears carefully and care for them properly, they will serve you in comfort for many years.


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