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Guide to provide instant volume and lift to your hair.

The 80s are coming back, and they’re bringing back the voluminous crimped hair! This trendy look makes your hair appear thicker, sexier, and edgier. Whether styled in a bun or flying loose, your hair looks voluminous regardless. By adding a whole good level of volume to your hair, this process ensures that every strand stands out and adds a unique texture to your look.


1. Wash and dry your hair with a volumizing product: Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Add a thickening product like a mousse to your damp hair from root to tip, then blow dry your hair. Using a heat protectant spray before drying your hair will help to prevent it from heat damage.


2. Switch to dry shampoo instead if you’re running short of time: If you don't have time to wash your hair, use dry shampoo to boost the volume of your hair. Spray it on the roots of your hair and continue all over your head. Rub your roots lightly with your fingers to blend in any powder residue that may remain from it. Dry shampoo will add a subtle hold to your hair, making it easier to hold the crimped style.


3. Pinup your top layer of hair: Part your hair the way you wish to wear it. Use a comb to section off a 1-inch wide row of hair on either side of the part. Pinup each section with a hair clip to pull it away from the rest of your hair. Repeat this step around the crown of your head.

4. Crimp sections of hair under the top layer: Gather sections of the remaining hair near your crown that are approximately 2 inches wide. Place the crimper around each section near the root and clamp down. Hold each section for about 5-7 seconds, then release it. Be cautious enough to avoid burning your scalp.


5. Brush un-crimped hair over these crimped sections: After your hair is crimped, un-pin the top later of your hair. Gently brush the un-crimped hair over your crimped roots. This will hide the crimping texture in your hair while giving it a volumizing lift.


If you plan to crimp your hair often to give it a wonderful lift and volume, consider investing in a crimper with ceramic plates, since ceramic will cause the least amount of heat damage and provide long-lasting results.


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