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Beginner's guide to using a crimper.

Do away with your dull everyday hair as you trade for this stunning retro look. Hair crimping is an easy way to jazz up a boring look when you want to feel extra! 80’s girls were ahead of the time as they knew to make your hair look fuller and cooler! In the 80s, people would braid their hair and leave it overnight. To recreate this, you can simply use a crimper. Hair crimpers are styling tools with zig-zag plates that add textured waves to your hair. You can use a crimper to create a unique, all-over style or to add volume to your hair.


1. Start styling with a crimper only on clean, dry hair: Crimping will work best on clean hair. Wash your hair with a shampoo and condition to smoothen those tresses. Allow your hair to air dry or blow dry it completely as crimping wet hair is absolutely a big No! Using a heated crimping iron on wet hair could cause damage to your follicles and lead to breakage.


2. Use a heat protectant and along with a styling product: If your hair has a lot of frizz, apply a dime-sized amount of anti-frizzing serum. Then, spritz some volumizing spray all over your hair. Your hair will hold the crimp longer if you begin this way. To protect your hair from heat damage, consider applying a heat protectant spray all over your hair.


3. Allow the crimping plates to heat up: Plugin your hair crimper and select a temperature between 180°C to 200°C. This will crimp your hair effectively without burning your hair or scalp. Allow the plates to warm up for a minute before using it. Higher the heat setting, the more effective the styling will be. However, high heat settings may cause damage to if you have thin hair.


4. Crimp hair in sections: Crimp hair section by section for 5-7 seconds each, depending on the thickness of your hair. Grab a section of hair at the bottom with your non-dominant hand and gently clamp down the crimper using your other hand, starting at the roots. Get as close to your scalp as possible without burning it. Hold down for 5-7 seconds, and then release the pressure. Use clips to clip up the hair you aren't currently working with and keep it out of the way.


5. Continue crimping down the length of your hair for a uniform look: Slide the crimper down the length of your hair and clamp down on the next section. Overlap the barrel of the crimper over the last kink you made. This will prevent any gaps in your waves and continue until the entire section is crimped.


6. For a natural look, you’ll need to work on irregular hair sections: To get a more casual look, apply the crimper sparingly to different sections of your hair. Vary the pattern, leaving sections of your hair uncrimped. After you are done, tousle your hair for a carefree, voluminous beach style.


7. Set the style with hair spray: Spritz your hair with a setting spray for a long-lasting crimped style. We recommend using a hairspray with a flexible hold in order to avoid the hair from looking stiff and artificial.


There are a lot of ways you can spice up your look with crimped hair, and it makes sense why this trend from the 80s is something we can’t get over. There are so many hairstyles to experiment with and a lot of ways to attain them. You can also invest in a good crimping iron like the Alan Truman Diamond Slim Hair Crimper and achieve beautiful bouncy hair! Now the choice is yours, sport your hair the way you want!


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