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Different materials used in making the barrel of a Curling Wand.

The barrel is the most important part of a curling wand. Barrel material is the most important factor when choosing a wand. Choosing the right material for your hair type will give you fantastic curls and reduce heat damage. There are mostly three types of materials used in making the barrel of a curling wand. They are mentioned below in detail.



Ceramic is one of the most common materials used in making the barrel of a curling wand. Ceramic wands give the users more control over the device. You will get numerous options to change the heat settings. Proper heat settings help in saving your hair from any sort of damage. It is suitable for all types of hair. The ceramic material emits negatively-charged ions whose interaction with the positively charged ions helps in protecting your hair.



Titanium is a metal and is known for its lightweight feature. It has the ability to absorb heat quickly so it heats up faster. For thicker hair more heat is needed to curl them successfully. Thus, this type of barrel will perfectly curl your hair. A titanium barrel may damage your thin hair so you must use a heat protectant while curling your hair and be very alert while styling.



Tourmaline is one of the newest additions to the material range of curling wands. It works in a similar manner as the ceramic curling wands. Tourmaline evenly distributes heat through your hair. It also reduces the chances of heat damage. Tourmaline releases more negatively charged ions as compared to ceramic. This excess production of negative ions will neutralize the charge in your hair. The result would be more glossy hair.


Long hair or short, want some gorgeous hair curls without wanting to spend time and money at the salon. Don’t worry! Invest in a good curling wand with the perfect barrel material and you’re good to go!


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