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Different types of Curling Wands.

The hair styling industry has been evolving at a very fast pace and has been coming up with new technologies and patterns almost every day.

Curling Wand is the best one amongst them. It is a wand that uses heat to create curls. You can wrap your hair around it in different ways to create multiple looks. Whether you want to go to a party or a special occasion at your home curling your hair is a perfect choice. You can create hairstyles easily that look complicated by using various types of wand available in the market.

Below are some of the most commonly used wands available in the market.


Straight Curling Wands

These types of curling wands are perfect for people who like consistency in their curls. The straight curling wand will create uniformly shaped curls. Due to uniformity in the thickness of the wand the curls are equal in both shape and size. Another benefit of using this wand is that there is an even distribution of heat. So the curls look more sophisticated. It perfectly curls the lower ends of the hair so people with straight hair are going to love it.


Tapered Curling Wands

As the name suggests the wand is tapered at one end. The end that is attached to the handle is thicker while the one that is towards the open end is narrower. With the narrow end, you can create curls that have volume. For creating fuller curls you must use the thicker end. The tapered shape is appropriate to create a variety of hairstyles. In fact, people with tapered curling wand do not need other types of curling tools.


Reverse Tapered Curling Wands

A tapered curling wand features a barrel with a long wand-like spindle attached to the base. The spindle tapers off, so it’s wider at the base and slim at the top. This new hair tool features all of the above except the spindle is reversed. So, it is wider at the top and tapers to slender at the base, where it meets the handle.


Interchangeable Barrels Curling Wands

These are the new types of curling wands with interchangeable barrels. Due to interchangeability, you won’t need a new curling iron every now and then. These are effortless to use. You can change the barrel according to the type of curls you want. All you have to do is to rotate and remove the barrel and lock another one in its place. These curling wands with interchangeable attachments are relatively expensive.


So you are now ready to choose one of them depending on your needs, hairstyle, and hair texture. With a high-quality curling wand, styling is not that hard; just grab your wand, twist it around, and you are good to go!


Happy Styling!


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