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A guide to picking up the right blow-dryer.

A guide to picking up the right blow-dryer.

Hairdryers have come a long way, and while basic models still exist, the high-end versions boast bells and whistles that can significantly improve your hair and your blowout experience, provided you take the time to decode which ones matter to your hair.

We're here to help make this less like rocket science. Here's a cheat sheet of common hair-dryer traits and which to pick depending on your blowout goals.



A high-wattage motor packs more wind power and will cut down your styling time without exposing hair to excessive heat. If the motor isn't strong, you end up with more heat and less wind, if you think about it, that means you're 'toasting' your hair dry, it’s all about proper wind-to-heat ratio in a dryer. High-wattage dryers don't burn out as quickly as the other small-motored dryers.


Ionic or Not?

Ionic dryers shoot negative ions, water's ions are positively charged. That's the science behind why an ionic dryer is much more effective at busting up and scattering water droplets on the hair shaft, preventing them from soaking in and causing frizz, plus speeding up dry time. The ionic feature works best for closing the cuticle and removing moisture from the hair, making the finish sleeker and more polished.


What does it consist of? Tourmaline, Ceramic, or Titanium?

Think of tourmaline dryers as ions on steroids; their insides are either made of or coated with this semi-precious mineral, which throws even more negative ions into the air, resulting in smoother tresses. The presence of Tourmaline in a dryer can hike a dryer's price usually.

Dryers with Ceramic or tourmaline are designed to distribute heat as evenly and gently as possible. They can be used to coat or replace a dryer's metal or plastic heating elements and other internal parts, to make the heat less harsh and more consistent in temperature and they, too, emit negative ions to speed drying and smooth frizz.

Like ceramic, titanium is used to distribute heat evenly and keep the temperature steady. It tends to make for a very hot dryer, so it isn't recommended for damage-prone hair but does speed the drying process. Titanium is also light in weight than ceramic, another reason it's a smart choice if heavy hair dryers make your blowout feel like a workout.


Weight of the dryer

How much a dryer weighs is a crucial factor for anyone with long hair. Professional-grade dryers can sometimes be heavy because of their big motors/solid components but perform well as compared to local lightweight drugstore hair dryers. Select a dryer depending on how comfortable you are styling with it without comprising on the quality of the dryer.


Bonus Features to Look Into

  • Cool shot button: Cool air seals the cuticle, locking in your style, and boosting shine.

  • Adjustable heat settings: For fine hair that dries easily, lower heat gets the job done, thus avoiding unnecessary exposure to more heat that would damage the hair. Hence heat and fan settings are absolutely important points to be considered while you hunt for a drier.

  • Accessories: A concentrator nozzle is key for straightening and de-frizzing the hair while a diffuser is a must for keeping curls smooth and intact. It is ideal to purchase a dryer that comes with necessary attachments.


Cost of the dryer

While there are always exceptions, a hair-dryer is one beauty purchase that you can justify spending more on. The reality is, spending some extra money on a pricey blow dryer means it will help protect your hair from damage and last longer than a cheap, drugstore version. When it comes to investing in a new dryer and don't wait until yours sparks out mid-blowdry, because it's terrifying. Look for the quality of the product and decide on the above parameters, if spending on that favorite hair dryer is worth it.


Day after day, hairdryers transform tresses from wet, frizzy messes into blown-out glamazons, but somehow our shampoos, conditioners, and styling sprays seem to get all the glory. They're our trusty old friends who have helped us through all our events.

So be wise and choose the best option that suits your hair.


Happy Styling!


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