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Alan Truman Tashi 8855

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Combination of a hair dryer and a blowdrying brush. Beginner friendly, it lets you finish a head of hair in less than half the time of a conventional hair dryer.

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Why choose Alan Truman

One year international warranty against manufacturing defects

Trusted by professionals and loved by consumers for over 10 years

Patented hi-tech products that make hair styling & maintenance easy

Important features that make this a must-have tool

Frequently asked questions

Get to know the parts that make this a high-precision yet a robust tool

What first time users are saying...

Wonder tool!

This is that tool which makes your say - I needed this but didn’t know something like this ever existed. Definitely a lifesaver for me!

Saved my hair

Saved my hair from turning into a dusting broom. I was skeptical whether I will be able to use it at home. But it works like breeze. Great product.

Life saver & hair saver!

I had such a severe split-ends problem that I had almost decided that I will go for a boy cut. It saved my hair and my life. A true true hero.

Why didn’t I know of this before

It was wow from the word GO. Compact, tightly build, cordless wonder. I was skeptical whether it will work for me. It did wonders from the first use and I have been owning it for 90 days now.