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What is a Paddle Brush and why is it used?

A paddle brush is a large, flat, and wide hairbrush with an air-filled cushion and has nylon bristles, which helps it bend and move to the contours of your head. The Alan Truman Paddle Brush has 100% nylon flamed sealed bristles, which are heat resistant and are great for improving blood circulation in the scalp. The air-filled rubber cushion is designed to bend with your scalp to minimize damage from pulling. The ergonomic rubber grip handle of the Alan Truman Paddle Brush ensures a firm hold of the brush. It’s this flexibility that means it’s perfect for detangling and smoothing out hair. It’s a must-have in any hair care kit and is suitable for all hair types but is a particularly good option for long, thick, or naturally straight hair. The ultra-even heating system ensures adequate and even heat is passed to every strand of your hair, without concentrating on just one part of your section.


Why Do You Need a Paddle Brush?

A paddle brush is used for detangling, smoothing, and polishing. And did we mention that paddle brushes are also great for winter? Let’s face it, as cute as all those woolly layers, hats, and scarves are, they’re prime static-inducing materials, which is why a paddle brush is absolutely essential if you want to keep your locks looking smooth and frizz-free for as long as possible throughout the day.


What are the benefits of Using a Paddle Brush?

Rather than adding volume, paddle brushes are ideal for creating sleek, straight looks on long, medium, and shorter hair. Thanks to its flat shape, it’s anti-static and great for smoothing out frizz and flyaway hair too.


How Do You Use a Paddle Brush?

There’s two different way to use a paddle brush.


For detangling, use the paddle brush to remove tangles and knots. Take sections of your hair and gently brush the tangles from the ends of your hair, working your way up to the roots. Repeat until all your of your hair is detangled.


For smoothing, blowdry your hair with a hairdryer until it’s about 80% dry. Then use the paddle brush while you use the dryer (with the nozzle) to smooth your hair while you finish drying it. And it's absolutely heat resistant so you don't need to worry about the bristles melting while you style like the other cheap paddle brushes available in the market.

Plus, the ball-tip bristles that are typical for this type of brush won't snag or pull your delicate tresses


Happy Styling!


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