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Styling Sesh: Achieving different curls with different barrel sizes.

Styling Sesh: Achieving different curls with different barrel sizes.

Have you ever bought a curler to style your hair in waves, but nothing worked out as you imagined? Or maybe it happened when you wanted to go for a kinky curly look? If you thought this happened because you lack proper hairstyling skills, stop right there. This is probably what happened – you chose the wrong curling iron! Are you aware that curling irons/ tongs are available in different barrel sizes for different hairstyles and hair lengths? If not, you must read this article to find the right curling iron barrel for you.


Remember this one simple rule: the barrel size of your curling iron needs to be proportional to your hair length. This means you require small-sized barrels for short hair and large-sized for long hair. Both small and large barrels are suitable for shoulder-length or medium-length hair. A medium-sized barrel is also suitable for any length of hair, be it short, medium, or long.


Mentioned below are the barrel sizes that are mostly used by all.

  • 38 mm Barrel: A 38mm barrel is used to create large waves curls. This size works best for long hair. When curling, be sure to keep sections rather small; the bigger the section, the looser your curls will appear. In the effort for a tighter curl, we’d recommend dividing your hair into three parts (bottom/middle/top) to give your roots a better lift and keep the curl longer. Be cautious, however, because these fluffy curls are not meant to last. They will eventually fall throughout the day into a tousled look with tons of body.

  • 32 mm Barrel: A 32mm barrel creates medium curls and is a fan favorite for the perfect messy or loose wave. This iron creates tighter curls that not only last longer but also appear effortless and natural. For best results, use on medium to long hair and divide your hair into three parts (bottom/middle/top) if you want more volume.

  • 28 mm Barrel: For those seeking medium-sized loose curls, the 28mm barrel would be perfect! Loose curls are great for special occasions where you want to spruce up your look. This barrel is suitable for girls with medium hair length who want to flaunt those natural waves

  • 22 mm Barrel: This barrel size makes soft waves and go-to curls at all times. If you were to invest in only one curling iron for the rest of your life, this barrel is universally flattering making it the perfect mate. A 22mm barrel allows you to achieve multiple looks, from ringlets to waves and polished to beachy. For girls with medium to short hair, this size is ideal for you.

  • 19 mm Barrel: This barrel allows you to create relatively small curls that resemble natural. This narrow width barrel allows you to create textured waves that are very well defined. The 19mm barrel is suitable for girls with shoulder-length hair.

  • 16 mm Barrel: For smooth, tight, curls, use a 16mm barrel. This barrel is perfect for touching up some of those stubborn places that don’t meet your curl standards. This is not very ideal to use on long to medium hair length. This barrel size works best for girls with relatively short hair.


We believe, that by now you must have had clarity on which curler should you opt for.


In case you have already invested in a curling wand, but you would like to experiment with different outcomes. There's an easy trick that you can use to create different looks with that same wand. To create looser curls, try leaving the rod on for a shorter duration. Your curls would be less defined and would appear looser.


Happy Styling!


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