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Review Stories: One-stop solution for all blow drying worries with the Alan Truman Blow Brush.

Review Stories: One-stop solution for all blow drying worries with the Alan Truman Blow Brush.

Presenting "Review Stories" by Alan Truman, where reviews written by the customers are put across for you'll to read and experience first-hand information penned by the users themselves.


In LOVE with this product!!!

Honestly, I wasn't really expecting a lot out of this product except that it'd dry my hair. But it absolutely came as a surprise to me!


The Aqua Blue color is so Chic and Classy, this wasn't really the color and quality I was expecting from such a low-priced product.

I’m somebody who has a sharing nature, hence I also love to share the most minute information with people that can be of some help to them. That’s the reason I planned to write a full-fledged review of this product so that it can help others in taking a wise decision.


For the ones who don’t prefer reading long paras, shall also drop a crisp review for you’ll.

Review in brief:

1. Elegant design.

2. Light in weight, this makes the movement of product easy.

3. Easy to use.

4. Can be used on damp hair.

5. Saves a lot of time.

6. Doesn’t need a lot of swipes to show results.

7. Smoothen the hair and gives shine.

8. Works just as good as a hairdryer, but without the hassle of holding a brush in one hand and the dryer in the other.

9. Works on thick hair too.

10. Gives volume and bounce to my hair.

11. Doesn’t hurt my scalp or pull my hair.

12. Doesn’t require long styling hours.

13. Long-lasting results.

14. Better than a regular hairdryer.

15. Doesn’t have a cool hair button, to set the blowdry.

16. Lightweight makes it travel friendly but should have had a proper box for storage and travel.


Co-incidentally the product arrived just after I stepped out of the shower, and I was surprised in the very 1st use.

My hair was damp as I had just towel dried it, so I roughly sectioned my hair and began using it. It just took 3-4 swipes per section to dry. 

And not just did it quickly dry my hair, but gave immense volume and bounce to my hair. No jokes, this seriously lifts up the roots with immense volume, just like my salon blow out session.


This brush smoothened my hair in the very first use. This brush is not less than a salon use dryer, without the headache of holding a brush separately. The results are far better than the normal beauty store dryer that I have and better than the regular blow drying that I do at home.

I have thick hair and usually don't need a hair wash for good two days, and surprisingly the result of this brush stayed for that long!!! Like seriously, 2 whole days? This only happens when I blow dry my hair at a salon.


As the results are so salon-like, how I wish it also had a cool air button, that my hairstylist uses at the end of the blow-dry. She says it seals the style.


Merlin Dias


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