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Is the Alan Truman Hot Brush really safe ?

I'll never forget the day my sister came out of the room with a chunk of burned hair and the hysterical screaming that followed. I still look back to the day and laugh at times thanking God for better technology and products now especially ones like the Alan Truman Hot Brush with which you can be sure about being safe with your precious mane and not worry about any kind of burns whatsoever. The last thing any girl needs is to have to deal with burned hair or scalp and it is truly a nightmare trying to fix such a situation. It's honestly really crucial to have a good and reliable product for your styling that does not leave you with beauty disasters to add stress to our already busy lives. What we need is a product that adds to our ease and makes life simpler and stress-free!


The Alan Truman Hot Brush boasts of 76 tourmaline ceramic-coated bristles and thermoplastic protect technology which maintains even temperature across the brush that prevents overheating and any instances of burning yourself. You can style your hair with the assurance that your hair of any kind of catastrophes. Also, the conveniently placed buttons for controlling the temperature on the handle add to the ease in styling efficiently while also having full control over how much heat is used on your hair, according to your hair type, as compared to other straighteners that have the controls on the inside, in most cases. The ability to quickly increase or decrease the temperature whilst styling your hair is a boon to the process of styling with comfort.


Moreover, your hair never really comes in direct contact with the plate in this hot brush as it does in the case of ordinary straighteners reducing any worries about burning your scalp or damaging your hair. The Hot Brush glides smoothly doing both: untangling your hair as well as straightening it in one go as you control the heat making it frizz-free and smooth. It has really redefined the entire process of straightening your hair and is especially great for those mornings when you need to look put together in a matter of minutes and rush out of the door to accomplish things. It saves time by heating up in 6 seconds and styling the strands of hair efficiently to give a smooth salon styled look, hassle-free.


On mornings where I need to quickly pull off a great look and look like I spent a lot of time and effort in looking put together without actually spending a lot of time, I can count on The Alan Truman Hot Brush for a salon styled classy look. Never having to worry about burning myself or having a repeat of what happened to my sister as I get ready makes the whole process stress free and fun. NOT ending up with burned hair in a rush is honestly the kind of trust and assurance I need in my life with respect to my hair care routine!


I would 10/10 recommend this product if you're looking for a product that makes no compromise on quality, keeping the customer's needs as a priority and that efficiently does the work for you without causing any hair emergencies. What more does a woman want? :D


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