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Is a wide plate straightener effective on every hair type?

Many hair straighteners come with extra-wide plates and claim to be perfect for all types of hair, thick or sparse.


However, only the right straightener plate can give you straight, sophisticated locks with a luxuriously glossy shine. Like all heat styling tools, though, flat irons pose an unfortunate dilemma if not used correctly: the incorrect choice of plates can dry your hair, producing breakage and damage that undoes the shine you hope to achieve.


Choosing the right plate size for your hair texture, hair length, and styling needs can help you reduce damage whilst still achieving envy-inducing locks.


Its simple physics, the larger the plates are, the more heat will be applied to your hair. Although, larger plates make it easier to style larger sections of hair if you have very coarse or curly hair. But such plates can cause a disaster if you have thin or damaged hair, as large plates produce more heat.


Smaller plates, by contrast, are less damaging, especially when used on damaged tresses, since they expose each section of hair to slightly less heat for a slightly shorter period.

Plate size plays an important role in affecting heat concentration and damage. The type of plate size can affect how evenly heat is applied to your hair, how damaging the heat is, and how quickly the straightener heats up.


Wide plate straighteners are a big ‘NO’, if:

· You frequently travel and need a portable straightener.

· You have very fine hair that doesn’t need a lot of effort.

· You have damaged hair and want to minimize heat-styling.

· Your hair is mostly straight and just needs a quick run-through to adopt the texture you want.


Maybe you've already shelled out for a costly flat iron, only to realize it's not the right choice for your hair. Learn from your mistakes and remember that a quality straightener will last for years and reduce damage to your hair. It's worthwhile to take some time to research your options and save your money. You can get it right this time!


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