Key Features :

  • 40% carbon for professional use
  • Free and wide teeth for unisex cutting
  • Great hair lift properties
  • Superior antistatic properties
  • Twist resistant
  • Burr-free Teeth

Alan Truman CB-08 Extra-Wide & Fine Teeth Carbon Comb

SKU: CB-08
₹299.00 Regular Price
₹233.22Sale Price
  • Ideal unisex comb with fine and wide teeth which makes it great for blending and texturizing too. Can be used for clipper over comb cutting. The versatility of the fine and wide teeth in the same comb allows it to be used for a wide variety of cutting techniques and methods.

    Alan Truman brings to you innovative, high performance hair styling products and accessories. With an extensive product range, Alan Truman has been successfully catering to professional hair stylists all across the globe with their exceptional quality salon care products and hair styling tools. All the products are designed with cutting-edge technology to bring you complete style, control and flexibility.

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