• 1.25-inch-wide hand-milled tourmaline-ceramic plates
  • Safe & secure: Auto shut-off after 60 minutes
  • Auto temperature lock to avoid mishaps
  • 3-color digital temperature control and digital display
  • 8 heat settings: 90° to 230° Celsius
  • Frizz free styler: hand-milled tourmaline ceramic plates
  • 6-direction floating mechanism for smooth styling and curling
  • 2.5 meters salon-grade 360-degree full-swivel cord

Alan Truman Hot Pink Styler

SKU: AT903
  • Wide plates for quicker styling and easier control on medium to very long hair.

    If saving time is the first thing on your mind, then wide plates are for you. Wide plates give you more contact surface with hair and hence you can finish your styling in lesser time. Long, thick and coarse hair need more grip and control, that’s another area where wide plates step in. Some gals are just not comfortable and do not feel in control with slim plates and this is the third reason why we got the hot wide plates in. In a shade of delightfully HOT PINK.

    It’s a straightener with wide tourmaline ceramic plates. These plates are hand-milled and coated with tourmaline-ceramic in a state-of-the art factory in Korea which just manufactures straightener plates. That’s how keen we are about quality. It works on all hair types and textures.


    Recommended temperature settings

    • 210°C - 250°F: For straightening naturally wavy, curly Caucasian/Asian & chemical treatments.
    • 190°C - 210°C: For straightening healthy Asian hair.
    • 170°C - 190°C: For straightening blonde / natural brown Caucasian hair.
    • 150°F - 170°C: For straightening bleached, colored hair straightening.

    Disclaimer: Exercise caution and care and always start with lower temperatures and increase and decrease as per your styling requirement and other factors.


    The Hot Pink styler has 3 temperature buttons.

    • The first one is a direct-230 button that takes the plates to 230 deg celsius directly.
    • The other two are up and down regulators which you can use if you want to work at different temperatures as per your choice and need.

    The temperature display has three color settings:

    • It turns blue when the styler is heating up
    • When it reaches the desired set temeprature it turns green
    • When it shuts off automatically due to idling it turns red.
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